Northwest Pediatric Therapies has been providing pediatric physical therapy services in the Issaquah area since 1987. Our staff are skilled in evaluating and treating children, ages birth to 18 years. Our pediatric physical therapists are professionals with advanced training and experience in a number of specialty areas: child development, orthopedics, neuromotor, sensory motor, and traumatic injuries.

Our pediatric physical therapists work closely with parents and other family members as well as physicians, schools, and daycare providers to identify, evaluate, and establish treatment objectives for children. Pediatric physical therapy helps children improve their ability to perform functional motor activities. Some children may have difficulty developing motor skills and may need to work on improving coordination, balance, muscle strength, physical endurance, and motor planning.

Every child is a unique individual who desires to participate in family, school and community activities. To help a child obtain motor skills necessary for participation in his/her family's daily life, the child's physical therapist must have a clear understanding of the family's goals. Through a collaborative effort between parents, child, and therapist, functional goals are developed. Achieving functional skills is key to a child's successful participation in his/her natural environment.

Come visit our clinic to see a place that is designed specifically to meet the physical therapy needs of children ages birth to 18 years of age. You'll meet our experienced therapists who understand what it is like to be a child. You'll experience a playroom atmosphere that provides explorative, manipulative and gross motor play activities needed for developmental and rehabilitation physical therapy programs. Our large gym has an indoor track for walking, tricycle riding and roller-skating. Our new suspension system offers a safe and fun atmosphere for balance and gait training. We also have a small gym for quieter treatment needs and a kitchen area that allows us to work on a variety of ADL skills and feeding needs.

        710 NW Juniper St., Suite #104  Issaquah, WA  98027
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